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What Killed Prophet Divine C. Okafor?

Apostle Divine C. Okafor of the Life Transformer’s Ministry, is reported to have died under very obscure circumstances.
Apostle Divine Okafor is the famous Man of God, whose ministry took root in Muea-Buea and later, afforded itself a gigantesque worship facility at Ombe in Mutengene South West Region of Cameroon.

Surreptitiously, not much has filtered from the said ministry about the whereabouts of the church leader for several months when its followers and the media have trumpeted his absence.
Just a few days ago a story filtered out that the he died allegedly by poisoning and was stealthily taken to Nigeria for burial.

His ministry on his part, with the supposed successor are announcing the celebration of his life.

The current Shepherd Ayuk Hasten, of the Life Transformer’s Ministry, replacing the deceased prophet said:
« Join us celebrate the Life of Apostle Divine C Okafor on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of April, 2019 »
He was speaking today Saturday April 13th 2019, in a Live Video Outing on Social Media, from the Ombe Transformers Camp.

The Live Video delivery featured a series of short videos clips of Apostle Divine C. Okafor, announcing his preparing and announcing his departure, even ordaining the person in whom he was replicating self to continue the work of the Ministry.

Happening on the heels of the 5th Anniversary of the Ministry, April 27th, many now want to know why his death was not formally announced.

« It is important to see the announcement before the followers start bracing up to celebrate his life. There can be no celebration when the truth about his passing is still a mystery… »some opined.
In December 2018, a Christian of the Ministry told Mimi Mefo Info that Apostle Okafor Divine had gone for prayers and will be back soon.
Today, very few of his followers are willing to talk about the issue.
They are simply clueless or have been told to maintain sealed lips.
News of the passing of the Apostle has been making rounds on the media for months now.
Reports say he died in Douala where he was receiving treatment and was secretly taken to Nigeria for burial.
His Christian at home and abroad, were not given the chance to give him their last respect.
A social media outing of an observer further raised dust on the issue.
She asked to know why the Man of God’s death will be treated like a secret when he achieved so much for his ministry and left a lot of legacy behind.
An official announcement of the Prophet’s death is still awaited. Long after his death on November 27, 2018.

Why Was The death Of the Prophet not announced immediately?
Is the church worried about the reaction of Christians if they had made the revelation earlier?
These are questions still begging for answers.


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