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Akere Muna Petitions Glass House Speaker Over MP’s Scorched Earth Defense On Anglophone crisis

The 2018 Presidential candidate, in an open letter has questioned the President of the National Assembly, over the remarks made by Essomba Bengono, Alternate Member of Parliament of the ruling CPDM, about the populations of the English-speaking regions.

Akere Muna has charged the President of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yegué Djibril to make an immediate outing as was the case with the resolution of the European Parliament on the Anglophone crisis in order to end the repeated cases of hate speeches which has deepened the crisis.

Essomba Bengono on the set of « Equinoxe Soir » Monday, May 13, 2019, the Member of Parliament clearly supported Military crackdown in the restive regions.
He said in french: « est-ce que vous savez le nombre de fois où Dieu le créateur, a dû raser l’espèce humaine pour se constituer un peuple ? vous savez combien de fois ? Le nombre d’alliances que Dieu a faite avec les hommes ? il dit : Je rase Sodome et Gomorrhe et il rase. Nous ne comptons pas les morts, vous comprenez ? Nous comptons les camerounais actifs tous les jours » Translated in English as « Do you know how many times, God the creator had to wipe out the human race to constitute a people? You know how many times the number of alliances God created with humans? He (God) said, I will destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and he did. We don’t count the dead, you get it? We are counting active Cameroonians every day. »

In the letter, he asserts that the remarks made by Essomba Bengono at the time when Paul Biya is calling for dialogue, rather discredit the laudable initiative.

« At a time when Cameroonians are reflecting on the dialogue proposed by the President of the Republic, and when many others are attentive to the speech of the Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Dion Ngute, such a statement from a representative of The people, far from being a distraction, have the potential to discredit any speech on peace and dialogue promoted by the political party to which he belongs,  » the legal mind fired.

He has charged Cavaye Yegue Djibril to convene a Parliamentary session that will not only thrash the dishourable remarks of Essomba Bengono but to have a frank discussion on the Anglophone crisis. To Muna, Dialogue must start from the Parliament.

The former President of Transparency International also wants Christian leaders to take those statements seriously because the Bible was used to compare Cameroonians of the English regions to those of Sodom and Gomorrah whom God exterminated.

Akere Muna in the same petition revealed the CPDM led regime and its associates have become notorious for fueling the violence in the North West and South West regions citing the case of a Governor who called Anglophones Dogs, journalists treating the people as rats and a media promoter calling for a state of Emergency in the conflict hit regions.

As Government authorities remain indifferent to the atrocious remarks of the MP, the Coordinator of the Now Movement has used the case of a jailed Anglophone to draw the attention of House Speaker to the bias dispensation of justice in Cameroon.

« The Yaounde Military Court issued Judgment No. 99 / CRIM / 2018 of 10 April 2018 condemning Mr. Ambeazieh to eleven years imprisonment, with a fine of 59,780 CFA francs, plus 5 million francs in damages and interest. the State of Cameroon. Mr. Ambeazieh was found with a leaflet calling for ghost towns. He was immediately arrested and transported to Yaoundé. He has been charged and convicted of supporting terrorism, secession, revolution, insurrection, spreading false news and hostility to his country. Our law firm (Muna&Muna Associates) acted as a volunteer for him, as is the case for over 40 other cases. We have appealed the judgment referred to above and this case is pending. » the son of former House Speaker, SM Muna stated.

A note circulating on social media showed Essomba Begono apologized to the aggrieved Anglophone . But we could not establish the authenticity of the document.

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