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America’s « Mr Africa » Disappointed With Poor Handling Of The Anglophone Crisis

The US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs has lashed out on President Paul Biya for doing nothing to end the Secession conflict in the North West and South West regions.

Addressing Members of the US Congress’ Committee on Foreign Affairs, Thursday May 16, Tibor P. Nagy who recently met the President of the Republic of Cameroon says that the regime has not acted on numerous calls for dialogue despite a promise made to him by Paul Biya.

He slams the Military for fueling the humanitarian crisis through increased destruction of villages.
« Cameroon has done nothing to resolve the conflict. I sat with President Biya a couple of months ago and he told me, you know we are interested in dialogue, but the government has done nothing to show for. They set up some institutions which have not done anything. The military still continues to burn down villages and towns while armless civilians are forced to flee into the bushes. » Nagy revealed.

Tibor Nagy insist that dialogue remains the key to watering down the disturbing situation.
« Government has come up with some institutions, but they have not really done anything because what the country needs more than anything else is a genuine opened dialogue, probably to include the Diasporas of the Cameroonians because they have a great deal of interest in this. »

The US diplomat wants his country « to redouble its efforts and commitment to, see an end to the conflict. »

In the same vein, he has hailed Monday’s Arria – Formula session on Cameroon.

« We are very energetically speaking with all Allies like I said we just had in the Security Council this Monday in the UN Arria and it’s so clear that everybody wants to move forward with this. » he told members of the body.

Nagy has not ruled out the possibility of sanctions if government fails to fast track inclusive with no pre conditions.

While taking questions from members on the burning issue, he revealed that: « the best we can do right now, we have allies, is really make Cameroonian government understand the need for a real dialogue…. But if it does not happen we have other tools…possibility of sanctions is always there. »

Trump’s Mr Africa has advised the regime against continuing the military solution, raising fears of further radicalization and exportation of hostilities to the French zone.

« Unfortunately, I believe that the President of Cameroon is being told by his hotlines that he can win this war militarily. There is no way that they are going to win this militarily. The violence is going to get worse in the North West and South West. The violence will spread to the West province, it may even spread to the Littoral Province which has the largest city of Douala…. There is a possibility of what happened in Nigeria with Boko haram which started as a small movement, look at it now. »

Quizzed on the possibility of Separation, Tibor Nagy says, « I do not believe so because I think that both North West and North West have a sense of “Cameroonese” and it is the view of America to recognize the integrity of Cameroon. »

By: Nsoesie Peter
Mimi Mefo Info
Wasap: +237679135573

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