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“Limbe Is Not A Safe Haven” Population Tells PM Dion Ngute.

A female lawyer challenges the government delegate to Limbe City Council to tell the Prime Minister the truth.

Bar. Helen Ebai in the course of a meeting between the Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and the population of Limbe Wednesday May 15th 2019, said “Monday weekly ghost town in Limbe is paralyzing all activities. Most schools have been shutdown. Farmers are afraid to work in their farms. Most businesses have closed”.

To the outspoken female lawyer, the government delegate to Limbe City council, civil servants, politicians and others who look up to the government for personal benefit in Limbe are not speaking the bitter truth of how the population is suffering as a result of the anglophone crisis.

The woman quoted the partial shutting of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) saying it has rendered thousands of people jobless in Limbe and other parts of the South West region of Cameroon.

Other speakers at the meeting at Limbe City Hall down beach told PM Joseph Dion Ngute that withdrawing the military from the Anglophone regions will reassure fighters in the bushes to lay their arms and come back to normal life as demanded by the Prime minister.

The people of Limbe frown at the outright brutality of the military in handling civilians. To them, the military does not take the pains of investigating and arresting those perpetrating evil but are quick to brutalize all.

Before Barrister Helen Ebai took the floor at the Limbe City Hall at Down Beach, the Government Delegate, Andrew Monjimba Motanga had earlier delivered a speech that seemingly presented Limbe as a ‘safe haven’ during this crisis.

To the government delegate, respect of Monday weekly ghost is not really effective in Limbe as compared to other towns in the South West region of Cameroon.
He thanked the inhabitants describing them as peace loving people who are sparing no effort to led peace reign.

Andrew Monjimba Motanga however attested that there are isolated cases of insecurity in the city that are properly handled by security forces.

By: Dominic Meme
Mimi Mefo Info
Wasap: +237679135573

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