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Anglophone Crisis: Kamto & Allies Describe Government’s Announced Dialogue As Mere Camouflage

In a four-page document released from their detention center in Yaounde, Maurice Kamto, Christian Penda Ekoka, Paul Eric Kingue and Albert Dzonganag, say the announced readiness to dialogue by the government of Cameroon through the Prime Minister, is a camouflage and planed act to deceive the international community.

Professor Maurice Kamto and allies highlighted the conflicting declarations by top government officials (Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and Paul Atanga Nji) as testimony to the lack of a genuine will from the Biya regime to dialogue frankly.

Few days after Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute announced in Bamenda that President Biya was ready to dialogue on any topic, except separation, Minister Paul Atanga Nji of Territorial Administration declared on a television program on France24 that they will not be any dialogue on the form of the state.

Maurice Kamto and his allies questioned Paul Biya who declared the war in the North West and South West regions, and why he has been unwilling to dialogue all this while despite multiple calls from home and abroad.

Affirming that a frank, sincere and broad-based dialogue with separation on the agenda is paramount to end the anglophone crisis, the four leaders of opposition political parties regretted that Yaounde is still playing a manipulative game in the name of dialogue.
They insist that a solution to the anglophone crisis can not be found without the contribution of separatists.

They also expressed regrets over the worsening sociopolitical and security atmosphere in Cameroon, including the post 2018 presidential elections crisis and security crises in the Far North and East regions.

To resolve the challenges faced by Cameroon, Kamto and his allies demand the release of all political prisoners as well as those arrested within the context of the Anglophone crisis, the demilitarisation of the North West and South West Regions and immediate ceasefire.

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