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Government accuses ambazonia for killing a baby in Muyuka.

“Cameroonian military is not responsible for the killing of a baby in Makanga quarter in Muyuka South West region of Cameroon”. A statement contained in a release signed by the minister of communication Wednesday May 22nd.

To Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Funi Zephania Neba, father of the child killed is an ex ambazonia boy who abandoned the course to embrace normal life.

Angered by the decision,the minister of communication explains that ambazonia boys attacked the family and kill the child as a warning to the father for betraying the course for the restoration of Ambazonia statehood.

“The man, his wife and other family members alerted earlier about the arrival of secessionists quickly ran away leaving behind their child of four months”.Rene Emmanuel Sadi explains.

To further buttress government’s position why and how the military is not responsible for the killing of the child, the release of the minister of communication states that government’s video analysis experts have established that bullets used to kill the child are local ones used by separatists and not the military.

To the government spokeperson, using real bullets of the military would have completely damage the head of the child.
As concerns a video circulating on the social media showing men in uniform committing the act, the state of Cameroon says it’s a mere artificial video editing intended to manipulate public opinion and discredit ‘republican and professional army’.

On the posture of the dead child shown in a video, government’s spoke person says, it’s a well arranged drama intended for evil against the government.

The release stresses that the mother of the child is forced against her will to make pronouncements that the military killed her child.
He applauds the professionalism of the military fighting the war and affirmed that government is determine to restore peace in the restive north west and south west regions.

Ambazonia fighters have earlier attributed the killing of the child on the Cameroonian military.

In an investigative report carried by Mimi Mefo Info Tuesday May 21st in Muyuka, the family of the dead child remained firm that military men killed baby Neba Maltha Mbuh while she was sleeping in the sitting.

The baby was shot dead on Monday the 20th of May 2019.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo
Mimi Mefo Info

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