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Baba I Prince Rubbishes Ngoketunjia SDO’s Decision Creating New Villages

The Prince of Baba I Village, Melo Iliasu Esq. has rubbished the decision of the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) of Ngoketunjia creating two new Fondoms in a small village.

He writes:

« I vehemently condemn the creation of the villages within the Ngoketunjia Division.

« Nothing will justify the creation of any village especially when it will lead to some differences in the communities and the destabilization of the social order.

« Someone may question if it is legal. Yes the law provides for administrative reorganization of the territory.

« The purpose of the law is to ensure social cohesion. And the creation of these villages in my reasonable opinion rather deviates from the spirit of section 36 Decree No: 2008/377 of 12/11/2008.)

« Le Préfet est investi, pour le compte du Gouvernement d’une mission permanente et générale d’information et de coordination en matière sécuritaire, économique, sociale et culturelle à l’échelon du department…..il procède aux arbitrages nécessaires à la préservation de la paix sociale et au bon fonctionnement des services déconcentrés de l’Etat dans le department —ARTICLE 36.- (1 (Don’t ask me why I refused to translate this provisions).

« The creation of the two villages in Ngoketunjia is an attempt by the government to disrupt the peaceful coexistence of the people of Ngoketunjia.

« The law must take into consideration the society where it is to be applied.
This administrative act is so strange to the people of the North West in particular.

« The fact that the minister hails from this region could have served as a good knowledge of the most cherished customs and tradition of the people.

« History will tell us that this strange and non peaceful move has not happened in the North West.

« It is true that some Fons have taken upon themselves to be at the helm of the violation of human rights.

« However, I have always opined that the administration can carefully cause them to refrain from these evil activities. In this Division terrible things are happening and overtly ignored by the administrators to use as means to extort money from the indigenes.

« In the words of One Civil administrator when the Baba 1 crisis was at its peak and it was being suspected that he was bribed to stay mute “why is it that smoke comes out only from one house in that your palace”.

« What precipitated the creation of the villages is something no one can imagine a reasonable answer to.

« At the time the nation is at the peak of chaos, such action is meant to disrupt the little peace left within the division.
It is hoped that the administration will withdraw this act.

« The villagers are advised to petition the administration as such an act is not for any other purpose than to jeopardize public order in the villages.

« The custodians of the customs and tradition of the people of the North West should not allow such a precedence to be created within the region.

« The one time united Babungo will now be divided into two. This village is one of the smallest villages around the area. The size of this small village depicts that nothing positive influenced the creation of the Muokang village just some few meters from the Babungo Fon’s palace.

« The administrative order creating this 3rd class chiefdom mentioned that it shall be attached to the Babungo fondom which is ruled by a 2nd class chief.

« This is feud planted by the protector of social order. A chief in the NWR is a chief.

« In the Bui Division the various 3rd class chiefs are not pronounced as such to cause confusion.

By Melo ILIASU Pegamah Esq.
Head of Melo & Associates Law Offices Limbe

Mimi Mefo Info
Wasap: +237679135573

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