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Human Rights Watch Stings Cameroon Again Over Suppression Of Peaceful Protests

At least 350 members and supporters of Cameroon’s main opposition party, including its vice president Mamadou Mocta, were arrested across the country this weekend after they held demonstrations.

The arrests, targeting the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party, appear to mark yet another step in the government’s attempt to limit political dissent, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday, June 4th 2019.
The human rights organisation notes that, Cameroon security forces have used excessive and indiscriminate force to snuff out other MRC demonstrations.

And in late January, MRC leader Maurice Kamto and some of his closest allies were arrested alongside another 200 MRC members and supporters after they held countrywide protests.

They remain in detention on politically motivated charges.

Over the past few weeks, the CRMsubmitted several requests for authorization to protest Kamto’s arrest and call for his release.

The requests were rejected by administrative authorities, citing security reasons. But last weekend, CRM leaders and supporters decided to disregard the ban, marching in several cities across the country.

One CRM’s lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, told Human Rights Watch: “We filed dozens of requests to hold peaceful marches and as usual authorities refused them all. But we think the constitutional right to peaceful assembly cannot be taken arbitrarily away from us.”
Government authorities clearly did not agree.

MRC demonstrators in the city of Douala were dispersed with water cannons, while in the capital Yaoundé at least three demonstrators were injured during their arrest and another was beaten upon arrival at the city’s judicial police office.

CRM members and supporters have since the crack down remain in detention. At least 75 protestors have been released, some of whom say they were held without access to lawyers at the Secretariat d’Etat à la Defense in Yaoundé, a prison where Human Rights Watch has documented the use of torture.

A recent UN Security Council meeting flagged the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Cameroon’s restive anglophone regions, and “these arrests are likely to provoke further international concern,” Human Rights Watch emphasized. The government should know that the world is watching closely.

The party under the leader of its second Vice Tiriane Noah is planning another protest this coming weekend.

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