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Ramadan 2019: Imam Ibrahim Mubarak warns against an interreligious war in Cameroon

“We Muslims in Cameroon will not accept to be used to create disorder and disturb public peace.”

A above statement was made by Imam Sheilk Ibrahim Mubarak, Imam of the Camp Berto prayer ground in Douala today.

To the Muslim religious leader, a lot has been going on in the country that insinuates the manipulation of Muslims to achieve selfish interest of some individuals and groups.

To stop this, Imam Shielk Ibrahim Mubarak says muslims need to remain committed to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an while jealously preserving the good practices of Allah.

On the crisis in the North West and South West region of Cameroon, Imam Mubarak states that peace cannot be a reality in the absence of justice and equality.

He acknowledged the adverse effects of the war in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and adds that all facets of life in Cameroon are experiencing one form of crisis or another.

In the domain of economy, the Imam points the recent fire incident at the national oil refinery SO.NA.RA in Limbe.

To him, the disaster either man-made or natural will have enormous consequences on the economic situation of Cameroon.

“SO.NA.RA produces at least 45% of petroleum products in Cameroon and therefore the effects of a fire incident in the company cannot be undermined, » he adds.

In politics, the Muslim scholar equally attests the existence of issues that have divided Cameroonians over the recognition of the legitimate leadership of the Country.

In all these, Imam Ibrahim Mubarak called for justice and the fear of Allah for a peaceful co existence in Cameroon.

At the esplanade of post and telecommunication in Bonanjo still in Douala, Imam Sheilk Mohhamed Malik Farouk stated categorically that “Islam is not a religion that is out to spill blood. Islam is a religion of peace.”

Earlier in his message to Muslims, the Imam called for peace and vigilance during this time that is marked by a lot of evil.

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