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CRM: Over 500 Pro-Kamto Members, Sympathisers Arrested In Eight Days

In a press statement, the spokesman of detained CRM leader, Maurice Kamto reveals that at least 200 militants of the CRM have been arrested in Yaounde over the weekend, following the second lap of a twin protests against the Biya regime.
Olivier Bibou Nissack also said they have been taken to an undisclosed locations.
Nissack said, the militants and sympathizers in huge numbers started walking towards Poste Centrale but were confronted with opposition from Police and Gendarmes mobilised to thwart the protest.
The “peaceful protesters” decided to split and move in groups but were allegely trapped by Government spies and intelligence officials who had inflitrated the movement.

The protesters were picked up in several neighbourhoods in the capital such as Avenue Germaine, BEAC Roundabout, the Nlongkak Roundabout and Mvan.
Security forces have however, not reacted to the information given by Kamto’s whistle blower.

Despite the crackdown, the spokesman for Maurice Kamto says the party has recorded “a significant victory in disrespecting the ban initiated by Administrative authorities, not withstanding the torture of their comrades at the Defence State Secretariat SED.”

According to the mouthpiece, the pacific National resistance will continue in line with the outlined plan. He has tasked the internatioanal community to see for themselves what he describes as the “gross violation of political rights,” characterised by arbitrary detention, torture and poor treatment of detainees.

In all, at least 500 protesters of the CRM have been arrested in the twin demonstrations of June 1 and 8, 2019 including the first Vice President of the party, Mamadou Mocta.

Tiriane Noah, the party’s second Vice is poised to continue the resistence, calling for the release of their leader, an end to the separatist conflict in the North West and South West and the revision of the electoral code.

Several human rights organisations have called for the release of the CRM diehards after the June 1 demonstrations, but government has so far given a deaf ear.

By: Nsoesie Peter
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