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Parliament: House Speaker Indicts International Community For Conspiracy Against Cameroon

The Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly has said that the Government is capable of handling the Separatist conflict in the country and other challenges plaguing the nation, and has bluntly joined the government to condemn foreign intervention.

In a direct swipe at some international bodies, foreign countries and human rights organizations, Cavaye Yegue Djibril who opened the Second Ordinary Session of Parliament for this year at the lower house, Monday June 10, claims there is a conspiracy against Cameroon with the aim of destabilizing the country.

The Glass House speaker told his peers, government officials as well as diplomats who turned out for the event that: « the conspirators pretend to denounce the Cameroonian political system which, according to them, is resistant to any dialogue, a system which has reportedly condoned impunity and violation of human rights. Another creed of the sworn enemies of Cameroon is the Yaounde management of internally displaced persons and refugees, a management which they consider as a humanitarian disaster. »

He has rubbished these opinion calling them baseless. « They are inappropriate statements that the National Assembly vehemently denounces and condemns, » he fumed.

« The President of the Republic has not stopped taking initiatives….His hand remains stretched forth… All this was reechoed by the Minister of External Relations on 29 May 2019 to members of the Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations in Cameroon ». The longest MP in the country emphasized.

However, the National Assembly chief revealed that, the lower house is really pleased with the interest shown by all and sundry in the situation in Cameroon and has thus taken note of the European Parliament Resolution of 18 April 2019.
« As we said earlier, Cameroon is not hiding anything and any facts finding mission will be readily welcomed, especially the European Union, » Cavaye told the audience.
He also saluted the visit of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, which he believes has given the Global peace watchdog a first hand information of the human rights situation in Cameroon.

In blunt fashion, the speaker of the National Assembly was seemingly displeased by the recent protests of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, as well as calls for the release of Maurice Kamto and other arrested militants. He echoed that « Cameroon is a State where there is the rule of law and not a country of demonstrators. Peaceful demonstrations or show of solidarity are digressions that Cameroon does not need at all. »
He also insisted that, the country’s « rule of law has a solid, efficient and competent legal system. Its legal arsenal is also relevant and appropriate in every kind of litigation, be it litigation before a political court, military court or litigation before ordinary courts. For the case in point, justice or law will prevail at the right time, without any interference. »

Cavaye Yegue Djibril used the occasion to salute the Prime Minister for his consultative peace mission to the volatile North West and South West, appreciating his style and expressing optimism towards a positive outcome. He has called on Cameroonians to remain vigilant.

Opposition MPs from the SDF last year disrupted plenary sittings to force the inclusion of the Anglophone crisis on the agenda of the house. But Cavaye Yegue Djibril and his peers from the CPDM gave a deaf ear to the incessant calls.

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