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CRM welcomes latest SDF resolutions in likely coalition move

Tiriane Noah, Second Vice President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and Interim leader of the party has welcomed the resolutions of the last National Executive Committee of the SDF and expressed the willingness of her party to work with Cameroon’s frontline opposition movement.

The hand of fellowship comes despite open criticisms from the SDF over recurrent anti Biya protests initiated by Kamto’s party.

The SDF is just coming out from an emergency Yaoundé NEC meeting in which the party frowns at the way the separatist conflict in the country has been handled. At the end of the two day reflection, the party came out with five resolutions to restore peace in the country.

They are; a bilateral ceasefire in English-speaking areas and inclusive dialogue, the release of all political prisoners, mediation assisted by independent observers, the consensual revision of the Electoral Code and the holding of local elections after the return to peace.

Suggestions that have been gladly received by the CRM whose President and Vice are in jail for staging protest against the Government.
“The MRC by my voice fully supports the resolutions of the NEC SDF held on June 2019 and tell them our willingness to work together to achieve these objectives for the good of Cameroon and particularly the Cameroonian people, ” Tiriane Noah said on her official Facebook page.

“The fight we are fighting is not the fight of an individual or that of a group of individuals, it is the fight of the Cameroonian people, the fight for its freedom” the activist argued.

The SDF recently rejected a call to join Kamto’s party in the twin anti Biya protest of June 1 and 8, 2019. In a release denouncing the request of Tchawa Bertrand, the party said the “CRM has shown disrespect to the SDF by mischievously trying to associate us to some of their dishourable acts.”

It said Kamto’s movement has lied repeatedly against the SDF using Jean Michel Nintcheu, the Littoral SDF Chairman as a ploy. The SDF in the document however condemned the restriction of political liberties by the “obdurate regime.”

The rivalry between both political parties reached boiling point when Celestine Djamen, now detained with connection with the January 26 demonstrations decamped the SDF for the CRM.

Nsoesie Peter
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