Fru Ndi Gets Hostile Reception In Limbe

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF has been left disappointed after Administrative authorities and armed security officers in Fako division of the South West region denied him access to the National Refining Company, SONARA. At the CDC head office in Limbe, he was received by the company’s Director of Finance.

John Fru Ndi arrived the Fako SDO’s office on Thursday morning. But Emmanuel Engama Ledoux the SDO was nowhere to be found. The Assistant who received the Chairman plainly told him that Yaoundé has not authorised any visit to SONARA where four production units were recently blown up in flames. Fru Ndi was told he could not access the site because investigations were ongoing as instructed by the President of the country.

Attempts by the SDF chairman to explain that he had informed the Prime Minister of his visit, who in turn, told him to meet local authorities fell on deaf ears as the assistant SDO stood his ground.

As if that was just the start of the tussle, Fru Ndi had to intervene in stormy fashion to force security officers release equipment of journalists who accompanied him and his entourage.
The leader of the frontline opposition couldn’t bear the administrative discourse and left the SDO’s office for the refinery, insisting he was not out to take permission but to inform the local administration of his presence in Limbe. On his John Fru Ndi was stopped by security forces who had mounted barricades on the road to prevent his convoy from reaching the company.

In a heated argument that followed, the subdivisional officer for Limbe and some security men tried in vain to explain that, they were merely executing orders from hierarchy.
“I was not going to SONARA to start opening offices. I only wanted to watch the affected areas from a distance. But the Assistant SDO sent soldiers to stop me so I can start fighting them. But i won’t fight. I am not a petroleum engineer or a technician. I am only a village kola nut seller. If you want kola nuts now, I will give you,” the disappointed politician retorted, removing some kolanuts from his pocket.

The vocal veteran politician, disappointed at the reaction of authorities sought solace at the Cameroon Development Corporation. But the General Manager and most top management officials were not present in their offices. He was however received by the company’s Finance Director, with whom he forwarded his position on the state of the company, badly affected by the separatist crisis.

The Chairman has denounced the attitude of the Government stressing that, public companies belong to all Cameroonians. “The assistant SDO spoke to me with such disdain like someone who smelt the excrement of a dead rat.

This is disappointing coming from a holder of public office,” a bitter Fru Ndi told the press.
He has promised to meet the Prime Minister on his failed trip to SONARA.

By Nsoesie Peter
Mimi Mefo Info

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