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Government Urges Cameroonians To Shame Anti-Biya Protesters

Cameroon Government in reaction to the massive Anti-Biya protest, staged in Geneva Switzerland Saturday June 29, has said Cameroonians should rise and condemn the move and its initiators.

In a communiqué, issued by the Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi said: « a group of individuals, under the name Brigade Anti Sardinards who vandalised properties at Swiss Intercontinental hotel in Geneva Switzerland, manifested this Saturday on the streets of Geneva to frustrate the stay of Presidential couple in Switzerland ».

The government spokesperson said the Saturday riot is unacceptable, and condemned it with strong terms, calling on Cameroonians of all works of life and political leanings to do same.

The government described the protesters as unpatriotic, indicating that patriotism demands the respect of the institutions of Cameroon and he, who incarnates the institutions, President Paul Biya.

MINCOM also accused the Anti Biya protesters of tarnishing the image of Cameroon in the diaspora.

While praising what he called professionalism of Swiss police in containing the protesters, Rene Emmanuel Sadi recalled that President Paul Biya is the president of all Cameroonians, irrespective of groups, origin and political stand.

Swiss Police Spray Tear Gas On Protesters In Geneva

Saturday June 29 Geneva Protest

The Reaction of the minister of Communication, comes few hours after Jean Nkwette’s outing.
The Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee condemned the move and described it as Barbaric.

On Saturday June 29 2019, hundreds of members of Brigade Anti Sardinards, Ambazonian activists, and other Cameroonians in the diaspora staged a protest in Geneva, to smoke Biya out of the intercontinental hotel.
They were prevented from invading the hotel by the Geneva anti riot police who sprayed tear gas and water canons on them.

Anti-Biya Protesters

Ambazonian Activists

Mimi Mefo Info

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