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Douala-based church overseer, pastor Agbor Paddy Mbah goes ‘missing’ in Buea

Family members and Christians of “Jesus Kingdom Embassy”, a Pentecostal Church in Douala have been in total confusion since the news broke out of the disappearance of Pastor Agbor Paddy Mbah.
The whereabouts of the founding pastor of “Jesus Kingdom Embassy” remains unknown since Sunday July 7, 2019, family sources have confirmed.
Pastor Paddy Agbor is reported to have lost communication with members of his at about midnight Sunday July 7 while in Buea. By the time he went mute, he is said to have been preparing to return to Douala, his base.

A family member whose identity we are witholding(for fear of the unknown) said: “he left Douala on Sunday morning to Buea for a church program. On his way back around Mutengene, I was discussing with him at night on phone but suddenly the communication stopped. I was confused of what was happening. Minutes after, I called him but his number was switch off. He too did not call back. It’s only on Tuesday that a friend called me that the picture of my husband is on Facebook and other social media handles that he has been kidnapped”.

Our source said it was difficult to independently say what had happened to the man of God adding that no one has called to claim responsibility of keeping the said prophet.

Prophet Agbor Paddy Mbah, who runs his ministry in Buea and Douala, we gathered, had prior to his disappearance not received threats from any individual or group of people despite a worrisome unstable security situation in Cameroon particularly in the South West and North West Regions.

On why relatives have not reported the disappearance of Prophet Agbor Paddy Mbah to competent security authorities, same source said “we are still worried about his safety and wellbeing and may do so in due course”

Meanwhile christians of “Jesus Kingdom Embassy Church” in Douala have since engaged in intense prayers and meditation for the safe return of their pastor.

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