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Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon’s talented actress, Syndy Emade weeps as IDPs present ordeal

Ace cameroonian-born actress, Syndy Emade broke into tears after listening to the ordeal of some internally displaced persons, IDPs who are victims of the ongoing war in Cameroon’s North West and South West regions.
From different areas in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, the internally displaced persons who are now residing in Mabanda neighborhood, Douala IV municipality took turns to explain to members of Syndy Emade Foundation why and how they got to Douala amidst the war.

Syndy Emade in tears!

To some, the intolerant,brutal and provocative attitude of the Cameroonian military and some restoration forces towards them reached an unbearable state that they had to run for their dear lives.
“When violence erupted in Mbalangi, my husband was killed while returning from the farm. As the main breadwinner of the family,I and my children had no choice than to seek safety elsewhere”. A woman explained during the get-together.
Syndy Emade and team commune, listen to stories of IDPs

Other internally displaced persons do not know the whereabouts of their relatives at the moment after the war practically scattered family members in different directions.
Besides losing loved ones, some internally displaced people have lost all identification documents, certificates and other valuables that are hampering their quests to be employed in Douala.
Syndy Emade addressing IDPs in Bonaberi, Douala

To Syndy Emade “hearing their painful stories of how they became IDPs and how they lost their families and homes, I couldn’t hold back my tears.It is really sad that Cameroonians have been exposed to such a situation that has dehumanized people”.

Launching Syndy Emade Foundation on Thursday July 11, the foundation donated assorted food items to over two hundreds internally displaced persons from the restive Anglophone regions living in Mabanda-Bonaberi in Douala.
“…spending time and sharing with them was a roller coaster of emotions words cannot express” Syndy Emade told Mimi Mefo Info with a sense of satisfaction.

On the question of what the foundation can still put in place for the interest of IDPs, she says “we are planning a major back to school campaign and our wish and goal is to try to equip some children with their school needs and school fees to facilitate their return to school”.
With the campaign for effective school resumption in the north west and south west regions of Cameroon for the 2019/2020 school year after three years of no school, the well-known actress says “education is the key pointer in our lives, I can only dream to see every child educated. »

Syndy Emade, her outstanding acting career:

Syndy Emade born Elone Synthia Emade on November 21, 1993 is a Bachelor degree holder in Economics from the university of Buea is a Cameroonian actress, model, movie producer and founder of the Syndy Emade Foundation

She is the brand ambassador for Pan-African cosmetics brand; Soleza, and brand hostess for luxurious brand ‘Moët and Chandon’

Syndy Emade, brand hostess for luxurious brand ‘Moët and Chandon’

She is the CEO Blue rain entertainment. A movie production and audio-visual company which has produced two award winning movies; ‘A Man for the Weekend’ and ‘Rose on The Grave.’ and the just recently shot “Broken”

She made her international career debut in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why I Hate Sunshine”

Award winning and one of most celebrated Cameroonian actresses, Syndy Emade

Awards, Distinctions:

She won the 2014 edition of Cameroon’s Miss Heritage award.
In 2017, she was listed second most active Cameroonian address, according to an online movie streaming channel Njoka tv for Africa entertainment.

She was awarded best Cameroonian actress in Scoops academy award 2017 and 2018

She was awarded best social media personality at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2017.

In 2018, she won the Cameroon Career Women Award for Best Actress.

She won ZAFAA Awards 2018 for Best New Comer.

She was awarded a Next Generation Award 2018 for Best Actress in a lead role.

She got a Cameroon Fashion AWARD in 2018 for Best Dressed Female celebrity.

In 2019, she won the prestigious Canal D’Or Award for Best Actress.

Syndy Emade, 2018 best actress award at Canal D’Or

Mimi Mefo Info

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