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Armed conflict in NW, SW: US senate issues a five point resolution

Armed conflict in NW, SW: US senate issues a five point resolution on Cameroon

For three years, the situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon has brought untold misery not only to Cameroonians living in that part of the country but also to other nationals and their property.

The armed conflict between the military and restoration forces has been raising humanitarian issues as thousands have been displaced from their homes and some over two thousands killed.

With no significant talks to address the already worsening situation, the US Senate has resolved on five points that can kick the ball rolling towards lasting peace.

The US Senate is calling for a ceasefire. The house is urging the government and Southern Cameroons activists to call for a ceasefire as a first step towards peace talks to end the war. The Senate argued that no meaningful dialogue can really take place when fighting is still going on.

The US Senate calls on the government of Cameroon, armed separatist groups and all citizens to respect human rights and adopt nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution. By this, there will be an opportunity for humanitarian groups to assist persons in need in the regions.

The release of all those detained in connection to the Anglophone crisis has equally be pointed as part of the solution. Beside this, detained human rights activists, politicians, journalists, lawyers and others detained for condemning government’s excesses should be set free, the body has urged.

The senate meanwhile condemned the activities of the military, separatist fighters and elements of the Boko Haram sect who have been carrying out extra judicial killings, illegal detentions and violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms. By this, the senate calls for an impartial investigations of allegations of human rights violation, detention torture, disappearance, deaths, arbitrary arrests and detention of people under deplorable conditions.

The US Senate equally calls on separatist fighters to stop committing human rights abuses and end school boycott in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. This should be accompanied by the release of all those kidnapped.

The senate urges the Cameroon government to initiate credible, transparent and inclusive dialogue with religious and community leaders in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. To the US, this can be achieved by soliciting independent and credible mediators.

After the mediation, US is firm that there should be an improvement in electoral process and major reforms in electoral institutions. Beside this, the Cameroon government should promote the rule of law through more transparent accountability mechanisms.

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