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PROGRAMS DIPLOMA PROGRAMS: We train 'A' Level or BACC holders for three years at diploma level in seven disciplines. .ese are: 1. Nursing, 2. Midwifery, 3. Physiotherapy, 4. Pharmacy Technology, 5. Medical Lab Sciences, 6. Dental .erapy, 7. Radiology and Ultra- sonography. We strongly recommend midwifery for many of you seeking a profession. .ere is a huge shortage in Cameroon in this Feld and the opportunities to work with the government in this area are enormous. NEW HND PROGRAMS: Higher National Diploma (HND=3years). (PHASE ONE.) You must have a diploma to be admitted in this course for one academic year. Admission requirements are HPD, HND or DSEP. If you have the SRN or any other diploma from the Ministry of Health, you will be admitted in rd the 3 year of the HND program. You will get the HND and then qualify to be admitted for the one OUR DEGREE PROGRAMS : (PHASE TWO) ( Bachelor Programs). year degree program. 1. Nursing, 2. Medical Imaging Or Radiology, 3. Physiotherapy, 4. Dentistry, 5. Medical Laboratory Sciences. 6. Midwifery