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Minister on Rescue Mission, Denies the Holding of an « Informal » session on Cameroon

As the Security Council continues an arria session on the Humanitarian situation in Cameroon emanating from the Anglophone crisis, Cameroon’s External Relations Minister has in fire rescue jumped to « clarify » the public’s perception of the ongoing session.

In a release Monday May 13, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella, the Minister has debunked claims that the Security Council is meeting over Cameroon as proposed by some International Humanitarian Organizations.

The foreign affairs chief argues that for Cameroon’s case to be discussed formally, it must be registered in the monthly Journal of the United Nations. And that to government’s knowledge has not been done.
The « arria » nature of the discussion he emphasized is an initiative taken by any of the member countries of the council to brainstorm on an issue. The Minister has categorically stated that the ongoing Arria discuss « is not an informal consultation neither an informal discussion which are modules of the Security Council. »
The External Relations Minister however announces that Cameroon will be part of the talks to « give her take on the prevailing Humanitarian situation in the North West and South West regions with special focus on the Special Emergency Humanitarian plan of President Paul Biya. The government will also reveal efforts made to accommodate refugees from other countries in the sub region. And will also tell participants moves made by the government to diffuse the tensions in the restive regions including the recent declarations of Paul Biya and the ongoing consultations of the Prime Minister in his peace mission. »
While appreciating the interest shown to the situation in Cameroon by the international community, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella has frowned at what he terms the « obsession » of some countries and actors who exaggerate the humanitarian crisis in a failed effort to instigate a foreign intervention. The Minister reveals that Cameroon will not accept foreign intervention.
He has reminded the international community to draw lessons from previous interventions in the continent and spare Cameroon. He wonders why some countries interested in Cameroon’s humanitarian situation have deliberately forgotten to collaborate with the government to fish out Secessionists INin their countries, financing militia in the restive regions.

The Minister says the government is determined to fight any foreign interference into a matter which he calls a domestic problem, pledging that government will continue working towards a peaceful solution to the deepening conflict.

By: Nsoesie Peter
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