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A fellow of international Economic Law, King David Fontawah Tse has regretted that Africa has gone as far as importing jumping and running at the expense of Dodging Sports-Africa’s Most popular Indigenous Sports.

Dodging Sports is a popular and energetic indigenous African sports done by young men and women in Africa, which compose of dodging a ball being shot at the players by two opposing partners.

Dodging Sport is believed to be an ancient sports practiced by women and men to see who is skilled enough to escape an attack during war.

History holds that dodging which is common throughout the African Continent, originated from Central-West Africa, precisely Cameroon as it has different named in different ethnic languages across Cameroon. In Mankon, North west region of Cameroon, Dodging in Fontawah’s language is referred to as the game of NdĂ©.

Shocked by the fact that African Business men and women import all sorts of things including tooth Pith and even jumping and running in the form of so many sports which are not as energetic and addictive as Dodging,
King David Fontawah Tse embarked on a research in early 2012 to identify the value he could add to Africa, after concluding that: “there will never be the coming together of people without an economic activity taking place”.

Fontawah after a challenging and well-done research, found out that nothing brings people together as sports; he then decided to sacrifice his rich background on international Business and world trade to source and develop an African sport.

And by November 2012 came the idea of professional dodging sports!

King David Fontawah Tse and team have developed and codified rules and regulations to play Dodging Sports professionally. In 2015 they succeeded to get relevant authorities in Cameroon legalize Dodging Sports and other games like Ntabalah as a National Sport capable to be played internationally also.

Fontawah alongside SDK GAMES have developed and digitalise dodging Sport. And it’s presently on play store and App Store with the app name as “World Dodging Sports” with many sample videos on YouTube.

However the Promoters regret that the African media has not been promoting indigenous African sports, particularly Dodging Sports Africa’s Most Popular indigenous sports which is even more addictive and energetic than so many sports we may find in the Olympics today and that are creeping and smuggling their way into Africa he says. This regret is so severe especially as they are looking ahead for it’s national and international tournaments billed from 2020.

The promoters prayer is for the media houses and all media personalities in Africa to focus on Dodging Sports to make it a hit Sport by 2025.

To play the video game download it on play store.

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