Arrested, jailed after attending national dialogue

A release today by SDF-Germany states Paddy Asanga who travelled to take part in the Major National Dialogue in Yaounde has been arrested

Party members in Germany are meeting to discuss his arrest in the hours ahead.

Paddy Assanga was reportedly arrested for taking pictures in prison during a visit at the detention facility.

He is one of the few attendees of the national dialogue from the diaspora.

Paddy Asssnga is a federalist. He calls himself the ‘Federalist watchdog’. He has been an SDF militant for a very long time and still supports the party.

During the dialogue talks, he went on local media and said, the CPDM already had a fixed agenda for the National Dialogue. He made critical points in the decentralisation committee when pro-government delegates, refused to have Federalism on the agenda.

The spokesperson of the National Dialogue, George Ewane had said, no representative from the diaspora, who travelled to Cameroon for the talks will be arrested.

Government has not yet reacted.


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