Batibo: A woman buried alive.

A short video of two minutes seventeen seconds circulating on the social media Monday 16th September 2019 shows a woman being buried alive by her captors has left many in shock and consternation.

The video shows suspected Ambazonian fighters ordering a woman in a shallow grave to lie face down. Reluctantly but with a visible appearance of fear if she dares to disobey the orders, the woman obeyed. After wishing her soul a ‘peaceful’ repose, one of the captors shoots the woman once at close range while another begins pouring soil on her immediately.

Woman burried in Batibo

As they gunmen burry the woman, they all curse her. Speaking in both Pidgin English and Moghamo dialect, the captors say “God will punish you. In your next life you won’t behave like a blackleg. Guzang is not a place for betrayals. We are killing you because you are the betrayal.”

The gunmen have mentioned that the act has been committed in Guzang village Batibo Sub division Momo Division of the North West region of Cameroon.

In a statement issued by Governing Council (AGC) of the self proclaim State of the Ambazonia shortly after the release of the video,the spokesperson condemns the ‘inhuman and barbaric’ killing of the woman describing the video as ‘the most despicable and inhuman fashion possible’.

According to the release signed by Amabo Cecilia Binwi, AGovC calls for an investigation to get the perpetrators of the act.
The government of Cameroon has not issued any official statement on the video.

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