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“A real dialogue is inevitable” – Archbishop Samuel Kleda

The Archbishop of the Metropolitan Diocese of Douala says continuous killings in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon means the 2019 national dialogue has failed. Bishop Samuel Kleda has thus called for a need for a real dialogue to be organized to address core issues still fanning violence in the North West and South West regions. […]

Anglophone crisis will not end if Gov’t, int’l community remains ruthless – Italian Rights Federation

The Italian Federation for Human Rights, FIDU, has said the crisis plaguing Cameroon’s Anglophone regions for four years now will not end if the Government continues using ruthless means to end the conflict. “It is certain that with the ruthlessness of the Cameroon government, the resolve of Southern Cameroons self-determination forces and the nonchalant behavior […]

One feared dead in second Small Babanki raid

Several residents of Small Babanki village in the North West region of Cameroon have left their homes after another raid today by soldiers. A local says “the military just drove into the market at about 9:00 am and harassed hawkers there.” He adds that they “… Collected cell phones, money, about 500,000FCFA …” He also […]

Leaders upbeat about Southern Cameroons International Conference which starts tomorrow

Leaders of the Coalition for Dialogue, an organization advocating for dialogue as solution to the Anglophone crisis, are upbeat for an international virtual conference meant to discuss the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. Scheduled to start tomorrow, October 30 online, the Southern Cameroons International Conference will run till Monday, November 1. Members of […]

Tapang Ivo charges Amba boys to ‘arrest’ Stanley Enow, Magasco, Tzy Panchak

Ambazonian activist, Tapang Ivo Tanku, has said in a video that separatist fighters should ‘arrest’ renowned Anglophone musicians including Stanley Enow, Magasco, and Tzy Panchak for calling for an end to the conflict in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Calling the musicians “terrorists”, Tapang said any calls for an end to the conflict in Northwest […]

Northern regions’ parliamentarians petitioned to emphasize investment, development issues in upcoming parliamentary session

The 10 Million Northerners Movement, a body that advocates for development in the three Northern regions of Cameroon have said their parliamentarians should be more concerned with development and investment issues in these regions during the upcoming Parliamentary session. The body said development is of major importance in these three regions and should be a […]

Anglophone Crisis used to settle scores? ‘Malicious’ police officer detains Anglophone in Yaoundé, claims he’s an Ambazonian fighter

Keumatio Ricardo is reported by his family members to have been arbitrarily arrested in Yaounde two months ago by a ‘malicious’ police officer whose real intentions are still not known. Family members of Keumatio Ricardo say the police officer said he arrested Ricardo because he recognized him to be from Bamenda. Having been taken exactly […]

Two beaten to death in Yaounde after robbery attempt

Two men have been beaten to death in Ngousso, a neighborhood in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde. The incident occured at Pong Ngousso at about 8:30PM on Monday where both men hired a bike, presumably with the intention of robbing the rider. A source said “… when they faced stiff resistance from the bike rider, they knifed […]

Massacre de Kumba: Maître Michèle Ndoki crie sa colère

La vice-présidente du Directoire des Femmes du Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun, invite la majorité silencieuse au sein de la population à se lever pour exiger aux parties en conflit dans les Régions anglophones, un accord pour le retour de la paix. Recluse depuis sa sortie de prison il y a un an, Michèle […]

Cameroon’s UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador nailed for silence on Kumba Massacre

Cameroonians have been writing football legend, Samuel Eto’o both publicly and privately over the crisis plaguing the country’s North West and South West regions. Eto’o who is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Cameroon has surprisingly been silent over the killings of thousands for the past four years. After immense pressure, he only posted the Pope’s reaction […]

Sangmelima: FCFA 4 Billion-worth modern market lies in ruins one year after inauguration

In 2019, a modern market constructed in Sangmelima, a town in Cameroon’s South Region was inaugurated. This was at a grandiose ceremony chaired by Georges Elanga Obam, decentralization and local development minister who acted as representative to long-serving President Paul Biya. Described by many as an architectural jewel, the structure cost slightly over four billion […]


C’est la star de ces dernières 24 heures au Cameroun. Ses vidéos font le tour de la toile. Des vidéos de ses coups de gueule surchauffés. Avec son énergie débordante, elle s’est illustrée hier lors de la réunion de dialogue présidée par le ministre de l’administration territoriale à KUMBA. Dans une salle comble de la […]

NORTH WEST REGION: Ndu inhabitants cry out for protection after looting spree by armed men

The armed men broke into houses in the village of Ngvu in Ndu Subdivision at about 8:00 pm last night, stealing any household items they found, including clothes.

According to a native of the village who spoke to MMI, the heavily armed men also beat some of the villagers, wounding five persons severely.

The native says "a group of armed men broke into the village around 8:00 pm, shooting in the air to scare people. They robbed about 10 houses and left with items like dresses, TV sets, dishes, money, telephones, etc."

"... Some people were beaten and about five others who were robbed were wounded severely. I for one, my father was beaten and his dresses and a TV set taken away," the native of Ngvu recounted.

Armed robbery has been rising in this village, our source says, and they have no security to protect them from frequent harassment.

A similar incident occurred last week and yesterday's happening is the fifth occurrence within a short time.

“We are calling on the authorities to help our village. Now my mother doesn't even have what to wear because all her clothes were taken away," lamented our source.

Mimi Mefo Info

Cameroon: West Regional Pedagogic Inspector murdered in Bamenda

The body of Dr. Keafon Luciano Sunjo has been deposited in a mortuary in Bamenda. The corpse was discovered early Wednesday October 28th at Mbefi quarter in Nkwen, Bamenda III, North West region of Cameroon. An inhabitant of Bamenda writing to Mimi Mefo Info says his supposed assailants “… took him from his house at […]

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