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Far North: Boko Haram strikes Guidi village for sixth time in two weeks

Guidi, a village in Kolofata in Cameroon’s Far North region has been victim of an attack by members of the Boko Haram terrorist sect. Yesterday’s attack had two victims including a member of a vigilante group, and a 56-year-old lady. “They arrived around midnight, around thirty jihadists. As soon as we felt their presence, we […]

Security forces raid Tiko, many arrested

Locals of Likomba- Tiko in Fako division, South West region have been indoors all morning. Scared of stepping outside since 4AM, they say a mixed contingent of elements of the army are carrying out a random search of the area. A source says the elements are “… making a home to home search, taking children […]

Ambazonia activists divided over School resumption in NW, SW

Ambazonia activists are visibly divided over the resumption of schools in the Anglophone regions of the Cameroon. They have been expressing contrasting views on whether schools should resume in the North West and South West regions amidst insecurity. Ten armed camps fighting for the restoration of Southern Cameroon(Ambazonia) in the North West and South West […]

Tiko assault Saga:
Perpetrator and victim recount genesis of incident

There has been widespread anger and condemnation after a video emerged showing a man beating up a lawyer. The incident happened last week in Tiko, a town in the south West region of Cameroon. Mimi Mefo Info reached out to the lawyer, Egbe Evelyn who works at the Nnoko Ngaaje Chambers and Paul Sinju who […]

Ambazonians distance themselves from back to school call

There has been a controversy over school resumption in Cameroon’s restive North West and South West regions ahead of the 2020/2021 academic year. After close to four years of school boycott in these regions, where activities are paralysed by the bloody quest for the independence, some proponents of the break-away state called Ambazonian are not […]

Cameroonian Student Dies in North Cyprus

A young Cameroonian who travelled to the Middle Eastern country of Cyprus, has died. Ekon Franklin Motto moved to North Cyprus from Cameroon in February 2020, during the Spring intake into Higher Institutions to further his studies. Ekon hails from Ndian Division-Bakundu, a village in Cameroon’s Southwest Region. He reportedly fell very sick from a […]

Cameroon: over 500 arrested in anti government protests

Lawyers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC party say 589 people have been arrested as they hit the streets on September 22 to stage an anti-Biya protest. Robert Amsterdam, head of the MRC’s law firm in the United States said on twitter today, that there are also “…reports of several deaths, injections of unknown substances, […]

Why ICT University remains the best choice for learners

What does higher education mean to you? Is it about simply getting a certificate or it is about developing the knowledge and skills that are in high demand in today’s ever challenging and competitive job market? if you are looking for an institution that prepares you for the real world. An institution that provides a […]

Soldiers kill five unarmed civilians, including elderly woman, in Buea

Reports from the South West region of Cameroon say four young boys were killed in a gun rampage this morning in Lysoka Wombaki, a locality on the outskirts of Buea, near Muea. Our source says they were “deliberately” shot at, by soldiers who arrived Muea unannounced this morning of September 23. “They started shooting very […]

Four anti-Biya protesters arrested in the UK

Four persons of Cameroonian origin who were this Tuesday, September 22, taking part in a protest in London have been arrested. They were among the hundreds of anti-Biya demonstrators at the Cameroon High Commission in London. MMI has not been able to confirm what they are being charged with, but they are currently under custody. […]

Prof. Maurice Kamto “absent” from today’s nationwide protest

The leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM has not been seen on the streets of Yaoundé today September 22, 2020 despite calling for a nationwide protest to oust the regime of 87-year-old President Paul Biya. On August 24, 2020, Kamto said he will lead a huge nationwide protest to end Biya’s 38-year rule. But his […]

SDF snubs MRC protest, reiterates boycott of regional elections

The Social Democratic Front, SDF party has reiterated its stance ahead of the December 9 regional election in Cameroon.In a release today, the opposition party says it will not be partaking in the election. Signed by SDF National Secretary for Communication, Denis Nkemlemo, the release targets higher education Minister, Fame Ndongo, recalling the killing of […]

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