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Kumbo-Ndop road explosion injures three soldiers, damages military vehicle

Three elements of Cameroon’s elite unit, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) have been injured in what is believed to be another separatist attack. The three were among a unit of soldiers travelling on the Kumbo-Ndop Highway in the conflict-hit North West Region yesterday. Along the road, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) believed to have been […]

Death of Nfon Mukete: the last of an Anglophone generation?

Cameroon’s oldest Senator is no more. Nfon Victor Mukete died today in the nation’s capital Yaoundé at the age of 102. Apart from being a regime baron and Paramount ruler of the Bafaw people, what else is known about him? Full names Nfon Victor Esemingsongo Mukete, he was born on November 15, 1918 in Kumba, […]

Cameroon and Nigeria’s separatist movements partner for ‘common goals’

For four years, different separatist factions have been battling against Cameroonian soldiers. Their goal is to create a breakaway state, Ambazonia. With what seems to be an impasse for several months now, with no side winning, one separatist faction is seeking to up the ante. The Ambazonia Governing Council, AGovC yesterday April 9 announced it […]

Bafaw Palace “denies” death of Senator Nfon Victor Mukete

Activities at the palace of the Paramount traditional ruler of the people of Bafaw, Meme division in the South West region of Cameroon are going on unperturbed Saturday April 10th 2021. Curious journalists in Kumba by reaching the palace at 8:45 am Saturday upon getting news of the death of Senator Nfon Victor Mukete – […]

Trending news stories in Cameroon – 9th April 2021

Travel agencies in Douala and other major cities in Cameroon are being flooded by students and pupils returning to their host cities ahead of school resumption. The start of third and final term of the academic year is due to begin next Monday. COVID-19 preventive measures are, however, not being respected in these crowded agencies. […]

Parliament chides ENEO, SONATREL for epileptic power supply

Cameroon’s National Assembly speaker Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has pressed electricity production and distribution companies, SONATREL and ENEO to step up efforts and provide regular power to Cameroonians. He was talking at the end of the March session of parliament where he raised a number of issues plaguing the country. “… I would like to […]

Cameroon: Over 55 Boko Haram fighters drop arms

According the National Station, CRTV, some 55 ex-combatants of the deadly Boko Haram Terrorist group have surrendered their weapons. State media reported that they were on transit to the centre run by the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission in Meri, Diamaré Division as of April 07, 2021. The surrendered fighters include some 32 child fighters, […]

Cameroon: Ministers restless as Biya orders COVID-19 fund probe

Some ministers and high-ranking personnel in Cameroon, especially those at the Ministry of Public Health, are in hot water over billions loaned from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to combat Covid-19. Weeks back, the Secretary General at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh ordered that money be made available for the audit of funds meant for […]

Public Health: Manaouda’s sledgehammer falls on two ‘corrupt’ workers

Two workers of the ministry of public health have been suspended for three months each by the the minister of public health. In a decision signed by Dr. Manaouda Malachie Thursday, April 8, 2021, Bilonga Basilice with the matricule number 662 674-L and Bindzi Seme Marcelin with a matricule number 670 033-J have been suspended […]

Trending news stories in Cameroon – 8th April 2021

The Ambazonia Bui Warriors, a separatist faction in the North West Region of Cameroon has threatened to attack the Saint Elizabeth General hospital and Cardiac Center, Shishong. This follows the death of one of theirs in the hospital yesterday. In the meantime, three nurses kidnapped yesterday from the hospital have been released. A blood group […]

Douala: Gendarmes Arrest Human Bone Trafficker, Two Thieves

Some elements of the New Bell Gendarmerie Brigade in Douala have caught and detained some individuals believed to be serial criminals specialized in robbery and trafficking in human bones. The operation was carried out on April 05, 2021 in the Makea District, an area quite renowned for the sale of illicit drugs. The New Bell […]

Cameroon: Minister addresses controversial Municipal Police uniforms

The minister of decentralisation and local development in Cameroon is asking city and municipal mayors in the country to as a matter of urgency ensure a change of uniform of municipal police. In a fax message signed by minister George Elanga Obam and addressed to senior divisional officers in Cameroon Wednesday April 7, 2021, he […]

Kumbo: three health workers kidnapped

Sources in Kumbo, North West region say three health workers have bee kidnapped by armed gunmen The incident happened at the St Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital/Cardiac Center, Shisong after intense gunshots were recorded yesterday evening. Shortly after the gunshots at about 9:00PM, the armed gunmen stormed the hospital premise and got away with the nurses. […]

Anglophone Crisis: Does government fear Moja Moja or ally?

The agitative Chief of the Bwassa People in Fako Division, Southwest Region, Chief Eko Ewome A.K.A Moja Moja has been enigmatic and been most controversial amongst all Southwest, Fako elites. The man himself rubbishes laws, tramples human rights, spits out genocidal propaganda amongst other things, and somehow he still manages to walk free and unperturbed. […]

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