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Mimi Mefo Info (MMI) is an Independent online news reporting network based in the UK, Germany & Cameroon. We have reporters across most of Cameroon’s ten regions, bringing you independent news on a daily basis. MMI is not affiliated with any government or organisation. As such, we report the news with objectivity, aiming to encourage freedom of the press and expression, hold authorities to account, and encourage a system of citizen journalism where Cameroonians from all works of life can get their stories told.

Despite the hostile media environment in Cameroon, where journalists are constantly, harassed, arrested, or killed, MMI believes that the only way to overcome this is to create a structure of reporting, where journalists are free to work, without jeopardising their safety. Hence, while MMI is registered in the UK and has its top management out of Cameroon, the journalists who cover the news on a daily basis are resident across different regions of Cameroon.

MMI also covers news of interest across different countries in Africa and the globe. Often, these are stories that have been authenticated by local media sources. The objective is to amplify the voices of others in these countries and provide the Cameroonian audience with up-to-date happenings in other areas of the continent and the world.

We believe that information is power and should be used in shaping society for the good of everyone. We believe that everyone stands to benefit when we embrace and value the diversity of thoughts, ideas, and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences, and identities bring.

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