69 year old Mbante Sophina beaten to near death by separatists

Mbante Sophina is receiving intensive medical attention in Limbe in the South West.

The face of the 69 year old woman has been punctured following severe torture meted on her by amba boys in Mbande village, Ako Sub division, Donga Mantung Division in the North West of Cameroon.

In a telephone interview with Mimi Mefo Info, Mbante Sophina said “I was in my house, one of the Amba boys called Ngwefi came to the house searching for my husband. When i told him he was not in, he began beating me mercilessly. Earlier before that, that same boy borrowed drinks from me worth 2100 francs. Up till now he has not paid”.

To the woman, the boys have threatened to set ablaze her entire compound if they don’t get some family members they are accusing of betraying them.

Contacted on phone, one of the Amba boys in Mbande village accepted they committed the act. To him, the daughter of the Mbante Sophina has been hosting another armed separatist fighter from a different camp in the village without their consent.

Last week, an Amba boy called Nkoko Blaise Ndokoh was killed in the village by a group of other armed boys from Nziebie village still in Ako sub division.

The 69 year old was tortured by an amba fighter

In the course of what has been described by many as “in house fighting” among amba boys, the villagers are living in perpetual fears of the unknown. Some villagers have fled to the bushes while others have taken refuge in Nkambe.

The chief of Mbande, His Royal Highness Eba Ignatius Asenge has on several occasions called for peace in the community. Early this year, he was kidnapped and kept in an Amba camp for weeks and later released after the payment of ransom. Another man called Kere Paul was beaten and molested in the month of September for attempting to send his children to school in Nkambe. Other parents were forced to pay fines of 40.000FCFA each to the boys for delaying to withdraw their kids from school.

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