Abandoned Cameroonian students on scholarship in Morocco send out distress call

Some Cameroonian students on scholarship have reportedly taken ‘hostage’ the Country’s embassy in Rabat by camping outside the building with their matrasses at the entrance.

The students who have been staging the showdown since July 13 say the government of Cameroon has abandoned them in Morocco for two years running now.

These students from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training ,MINEFOF session of 2018-2020 have demanded the payment of their rents and their support which amounts respectively to FCFA 1.8 million per year and FCFA 150,000 per month for accommodation cost.

These students have made public the fact that the government has not paid the expenses of its scholarship holders within the framework of the Cameroon-Moroccan cooperation since August 16, 2018.

With this in mind, the negotiations carried out by the embassy at the level of the Moroccan capital, Rabat failed to yield any fruits and so the students were consequently thrown out of their apartments into the streets as even the Moroccans think they may have already been abandoned by their own government.

Some of these students now rely on their families back home to take care of themselves back in the kingdom of Morocco while some have decided to find odd jobs in the country to take care of their bills while still there.

Many are obviously frustrated and are actually considering using the Mediterranean to venture into Europe.
The Cameroonian government despite the alarms sounded have not yet given an official reaction to this state of affairs.

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