Abdul Karim to meet with diplomats following his release

Released Muslim scholar, Abdul Karim is set to meet with some international diplomats just days after his release.

“I am still in Yaounde where I was confined and through your prayers God reminds the devil WHO runs the world” he says.

“I shall be meeting some international diplomats early next week to show gratitude and channel a debrief” he goes on. The first of Karim’s meetings he explains start with the Swiss on Monday. It should be recalled that he was arrested moments after leaving the Swiss Embassy.

“Meantime any developments will be made known to you. The date of my departure for Homeland as well as the Walima (Thanksgiving) would be published all in due course” he adds.

The scholar following his arrest spent several weeks at SED in Yaounde and was held incommunicado for part of his arrest period.

Several national and international rights groups as well as persons of goodwill since his arrest made several calls for Karim’s release, noting that he was being held illegally.

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