After death of gendarme, Finexs travel agency promises to review policies, make customers ‘king’

Memories of a gendarme beaten to death at the Douala branch of the Finexs travel agency on 22nd July are still fresh in the minds of many.

With the suspects behind bars, Finexs agency has pledged to assist the forces of law and order in their investigations.

In addition to the pledge, the travel agency which has been sealed for five days organised an ecumenical service yesterday.

Talking to the press, Finexs boss, Felix Etoundi, admitted that the incident has highlighted some weaknesses and downsides of their customer care.

The video of the gendarme’s death he added “has reawakened sentiments.”

He went on to commit to fixing the weaknesses in the agency’s system, revealed by the unfortunate incident.

“We are going to review the internal morality of the company from small employees to top management to make sure clients feel like king when they are here” he told reporters.

Reacting to the incident, transport minister, Ernest Ngalle Bibehe reminded travel agencies of the right of customers and staff to free toilet facilities. “Nothing authorises terminal managers to set up paid public toilets within interurban travel agencies” he stated.

Such prerogatives minister Bibehe added, “fall within the competence of local councils”.

While the alleged perpetrators are already in the hands of the law, what remains uncertain is when the travel agency will be permitted to resume work.

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