After Monique Koumateke, another pregnant woman dies in Nkongsamba due to lack of medical attention

The health system in Cameroon is once again drifting down to an all-time low. Coupled with the ever rising number of positive coronavirus cases, Cameroonians are gradually losing faith in the health establishment.

The Monique Koumateke scandal of 2016 at the Laquintini hospital is still very fresh in the minds of Cameroonians.

It was a scandal that shook the health system to its core.

Heads went rolling after the incident and major reforms were expected to have revived the declining levels of human centred services that had for a long time characterised the health system.

Pashia Solange is the name of the latest victim of the extremely poor and deteriorating services of the Cameroon health system.

She was an IDP from the North West region.

She left Ndop and took up residence in Melong.

A report said Pashia Solange was pregnant and in labour in a small health centre in Melong.

It is said her situation at the health unit became complicated as she started bleeding excessively. She was then transferred to the Nkongsamba General Hospital under emergency procedure where she could receive better medical attention.

“Pashia was in labour and in deep pain,” explained her relative.

On arriving at the “L’Hopital General” in Nkongsamba, there was no senior medical doctor to attend to the dying patient. Relatives of Pashia Solange say the few nurses on duty tried all they could to reach the doctor on seat but they could not. Due to the lack of necessary attention for the pregnant Pashia Solange and her unborn baby, both mother and child died.

A doctor later on came after to operate the corpse and remove the baby for immediate burial so that the mother could be kept in the mortuary.
Deceased Pashia Solange is a mother of two children; a boy and a girl.

She was a graduate of GTTC Ndop and a Presbyterian Church Christian in Ndop before the crisis forced her to migrate to Melong where she met her end due to hospital negligence.

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