After Questioning at SED, Ayah Ayah Sent Home, Collaborator Summoned for Thursday

After being questioned at the Gendermarie Headquarters in Yaounde, Ayah Ayah, head of the Ayah Foundation has been sent home.

The humanitarian was called up for questioning yesterday but was asked to return today at 10 a.m. Hours later, his father, Ayah Paul Abine has taken to Facebook to announce that he has been asked to go home.

“After answering a number of questions from the gendarme investigators today at the gendarmerie headquarters, SED, Yaounde, consistent with the appointment of yesterday, Ayah Ayah Abine was told to return home. He would be informed about any next step it may please the hierarchy to take,” Ayah Abine wrote.

“A member of the foundation, Stormpel, who was present out of solidarity with his boss,” he adds “was served a summons to report for interrogation on Thursday, February 27”.

A report was filed against the Ayah Foundation which has been carrying out humanitarian work in the restive North West and South West regions, by a Dr Nkongho Success, accusing it of aiding Ambazonian separatists with arms.

Ayah Ayah had however launched an earlier complaint against Dr Nkongho Success which till now has not been visited.


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