Ambazonia Military Forces High Command Nullify Calls For 10-Day Shutdown

Separatist fighters in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon for the independence of a virtual state of Ambazonia have said they’ll not be party to any calls to lockdown the territory.

This is the substance of a press release made public August 4 by Generals of the Ambazonia Military Forces, AMF.

The signatories include: General Ikeku, General Bishop, Kaptain Ralph, General Daddy Boy, General Danga, General Divine, General Bokilo, General Bitter Kola, General Presido and General Omega 12.

“Generals of the high command of the Ambazonia Military Forces (AMF) have followed an announcement made by one of the factions of the interim government calling for a 10-day shutdown of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, without due consultations with the forces on the ground,” the press release reads in part.

According to the fighters, they took up arms to better the lives of the people of the North West and South West Regions and not to put them through pain and untold sufferings.
Hear them: “The Generals, following extensive discussions with the civilian population on the ground: the very people who bear the brunt of these lockdowns, have decided to declare the call null and void and hereby inform the people to go about their normal activities until further notice all over Ambazonia. It is important to note that, even the prisoners of war on whose behalf the decision was taken, have through their communication department rejected the initiative as unnecessary at this time.”

In what may well be a stern warning to those toying with the fate of the masses in the North West and South West Regions from the safety of the diaspora, the “Generals” said they took up arms to protect the people.

“We, the Ambazonia Generals on the ground have cancelled the decision. We seize this opportunity to remind our comrades in the diaspora to always seek our opinions before taking such far-reaching decisions which touch on the lives of the same people we took up arms to protect,” they said.

The last lockdown held in February 2019, taking a heavy toll on the suffering masses.

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