Anglophone Crisis: Nigeria’s Movie Star Begs International Community To Help Cameroon

Nigeria’s Movie star has taken on her Twitter page to launch a campaign against killings and right violations in the conflict hit North West and South West Regions.

“I am not really interested in talking about the soccer match right now. We need to talk about the situation in Cameroon. The country needs help. Have you seen videos of women and babies being killed? I don’t understand how this is okay?…” she wrote on her Twitter page.

In another post, she questioned why the world is silent about the ongoing situation and urged international organisations not to turn a blind eye to the worsening situation.
“I wonder why this #Cameroon issue does not have the kind of media coverage that it deserves. This is #genocide and we are acting like it doesn’t matter. African leaders keep acting like the presidency is the birth right or inheritance. What the hell? Help Cameroon!…”

“If you know anyone who can help, if you have connections with the United Nations or any agency please reach out to them and speak out. If your country was in the middle of this and you had to run for your life, you would want people to speak up and find help…,” Stella Damascus added.

In a viral online campaign with harsh tag #helpCameroon, she underscored the need for dictators to give way and freedom to a marginalised people which to her is a right.
“Is it by force to be president? How do you force people to accept your leadership? That is dictatorship. That is the highest level of illiteracy. Then innocent children have to die for this. When will this end?” She said.

Very little is known about the mass exodus which has been taking place for more than three years in the West African Nation, Cameroon, as hundreds of people flee the restive North-West and South-West regions to seek refuge in southern Nigeria’s Cross River State.

Latest figures from International Crisis Group said close to 600.000 people are internally displaced, over 1850 people dead, and hundreds of thousands of kids out of school, since citizens of the former British Southern Cameroon intenfied an independence movement to secede from the Republic of Cameroon.

Doctors Without Borders also indicated that over 60 hospitals have been forced to close down following attacks from state and non state actors.

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