Armed Men Make Away With Over 13M FCFA In Obala Car Robbery

A group of armed men has robbed passengers of over 13 million FCFA. The passengers of Binam Voyage travel agency in Obala were taken unawares by the six armed men disguised as passengers on their way to Bafia.

The sum of over 13 million FCFA has been taken from passengers of Binam voyage in Obala by armed Bandits.

Branding machetes and guns, the six men made sure they got money and valuables from the passengers before leaving the scene.

“Most of the passengers didn’t hold physical cash. They were asked to unlock their electronic wallets” a source said.

One of the victims in the robbery is said to have been forged to make a transfer of the sum of 450.000FCFA from his mobile money account to the armed bandits.

While the happening is not the first of its kind, a robbery of that magnitude has not being recorded for quite a while.

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