Army spokesperson denies rumours of attack on Yaounde military headquarters

Commander Cyrille Serge Atonfack, head of the communication division at the ministry of defence has said everything is running on as usual at the Yaounde brigade headquarters.

This to him is despite an audio recording in circulation. The recording he says in a release contains “disjointed words in a female voice affirming that the Yaounde headquarters brigade is under attack.”

Describing it as a disinformation campaign, Commander Cyrille Serge Atonfack says is is the work of “enemies of the republic with hidden motives.”

In all barracks in the capital and the entire national territory, “the women and men of this unit calmly go about their daily activities, with dedication, honor and loyalty” he asserts.

“In the same vein, another rumor viciously maintained on the web suggests that the Headquarters Brigade would be considerably affected by COVID-19” he reveals, asserting once more that “this is not the case. Not at all.”

“The measures prescribed by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health are strictly observed here. In addition to their sovereign missions, the Defence and Security Forces are strongly committed to the fight against COVID-19, alongside the Ministry of Health and other State entities affected by this global pandemic” says the head of the communication division.

Commander Cyrille Serge’s release comes at a time when the head of state has not been heard from in person for a long time, raising suspicions on his whereabouts.


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