Artists Take Comfort To Bafoussam Landlide Victims

Maahlox and Stanley Enow, two of Cameroon’s prominent artists have taken turns to comfort the bereaved as well as victims of last weeks landslide in Gouache, Bafoussam.

After paying a visit to the area, Stanley Enow also met with West Regional Governor and other officials.

Maahlox on his part donated bags of rice to the victims.
“Thank you to the Cameroon army fighting 24/24 under the sun and the rain trying to find the last bodies buried in the mud so that their families can give them dignified funerals,” he later wrote on his social media handle.

Some 43 persons died in the unfortunate incident, official figures said.
About nine others were injured and were taken to hospital. Scores of others have been rendered homeless.

Efforts are still going on at the site as rescue teams dig through the rubble.

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