As coronavirus spreads: man shares bitter experience encountered at Limbe hospital

An individual who recently visited the Bota Hospital in Limbe in the South West region has shared his experience with MMI after taking a patient to the facility.

Speaking on the basis of anonymity, Denis (not real name) said during his time at the hospital, a patient suspected of coronavirus was brought in.

“A 26 year old Cameroonian from Dubai. He had all the symptoms of the COVID-19. They attended to him and put him on quarantine and today it has been confirmed that he has it” Denis says.

“In their hospital there is no safety measure put in place. When they finally ascertained that he is a patient, all they could do is they told the nurses that attended to him, took their lab jackets, gave them to the washing and then they told them to go and take a bath” he explained.

The Director of the hospital he added “only went and bought hand sanitisers today (yesterday) after the health workers had been in contact with the patient.”

The patient MMI is reliably informed was transfered to the Limbe Mile 1 hospital.

To him, “there are more than 1000 cases in Cameroon but the government is just giving figures in arithmetic progression … They don’t want to give the people the exact figures because of panic.”

Denis’ observation is not the first, as medical practitioners have also confided in MMI, stating that not only are kits not enough for them, accusing government of falsifying figures of infected persons.

Making these allegations, some medical staff say at least 500 have been infected including some top state officials and family members.

In an effort for more manpower to combat the virus, the Minister of health had asked persons in the process of integration into the public health sector to visit any regional delegation of health of their choice to engage in the COVID-19 fight.

Despite shutting down borders and placing restrictions on businesses among others, Prime Minister Dion Ngute yesterday said government was not contemplating a total lockdown.

Official figures in the country however stand at 75 today.

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