At least one soldier die, two others wounded in Ikiliwindi Ambazonia attack

The twin elections in the restive North-West and South-West regions was marked by violent gunshots between government forces and separatists, who have been fighting for the independence of the English-speaking parts of Cameroon since 2016.

In Ikiliwindi, Meme Division of the South West region, two members of the Cameroon armed forces were injured after they engaged in a fierce battle with Ambazonian fighters. One of the victims, the driver of the military vehicle who was shot in the head, reportedly died later.

The uniformed men were members of a convoy accompanying ELECAM members to Konye, SWR with election materials and funds for the payment of polling officers, Friday.

The team was reportedly attacked by Ambazonian fighters in Ikiliwindi. BIR elements had to come for backup according to sources.

On return today another battle ensued on the same spot. A 30-minute exchange of gunfire left two soldiers wounded. The wounded are said to be receiving medical care in Kumba at the moment.

While the voting process was ongoing, residents of Kumba also reported, they were scared to go out and vote due to continuous gunshots which they say left them lying on the floor.

As voting ends, vote counting is expected to commence in polling stations nationwide.


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