Back to School: “Students should play mind building games to avoid body contact” – South West Regional Delegate, Dr. Etonde Mbua

As students over the national territory take to schools today, there are growing concerns over their safety while in their establishments. Students, who are often known for their playful attitudes and constant body contacts, should at all cost be restricted and made to follow social distancing rules to the later.
School authorities have however given their assurance over their preparedness to receive these students and to host them in COVID-19 safe environments. The South West Regional Delegate for Secondary Education, Dr. Mrs. Hannah Etonde Mbua speaking to CRTV’s Fredy Eta Bissong advices that rather than engaging in their usual games which sometimes are not helpful, students should develop learning games that could benefit their academic profile.

According to her, students can come up with mathematical games, scientific games and some others to help them better associate with each other without necessarily breaking social distancing rules set by health authorities.
It should be noted that only the examination classes across Cameroon have been given the permission to return to school. This is in a bid to complete their pedagogic scope ahead of end of year examinations (GCE, BACC etc).

Schools across Cameroon were officially halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic when the total national cases were just about 20-30. Along with school closure, houses of worships too were equally shut down. Clubs and other business activities were given instructions to lockdown before 6 p.m. Restrictions on transporters were equally instituted, with not more than four persons to be in a taxi and not more than two on a commercial motor cycle.

Wearing of facemasks remain compulsory following orders rolled out by the Head of States.
With the total confirmed cases in Cameroon now above 5000, most of these rules have unfortunately been relaxed or completely neglected. Drinking spots and markets have been reopened, restriction on the transport sector uplifted, clubs now free to operate like in normal times.

People have even started abandoning the wearing of facemasks which was made a necessity by the President of the Republic. With all these, one coming into Cameroon would think the corona virus is nonexistent in the country. Most of such neglects by the authorities have made some Cameroonians to erroneously term the disease a hoax.

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