Bamali residents in fear as army, Ambazonian fighters go on house burning spree

Inhabitants of Bamali, Ndop in Cameroon’s North West Region say they are in fear after a number of houses in their locality were burnt down.

Tensions rose, locals say, after the military set ablaze the home of an alleged Ambazonian fighter. “As the military left, the amba forces in Bamali came and began burning the houses of those whose children are in the military,” a local tells MMI.

“Amba boys set ablaze nine compounds on Wednesday, January 29,” another local adds. Villagers, he adds “are packing out of the village for fear of military retaliation”.

Today morning, he says, the military returned and razed down more houses.”If the military finally enters Bamali, then the whole village will be burnt down” the local expresses his fears.

Ahead of the February twin elections, many houses have been burnt in fresh raids on villages in the Anglophone regions. Several deaths in these instances have been blamed on government soldiers.

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