Bamenda Archdiocese debunks rumours of students administered strange drugs

The Archdiocese of Bamenda in the North West region of Cameroon has refuted rumors that 50 students of forms five and upper sixth taken from Catholic boarding schools in Mankon notably from Our Lady of Lourdes College, Sacred Heart and Saint Frederick College are being administered strange medications in sachets with Chinese writings at Azam Hotel in Bamenda.

In a release signed Tuesday June 30 by Father Humphrey Tatah Mbuh, communication secretary of the Archdiocese, he explained that a student of Our Lady of Lourdes college was tested positive of coronavirus at the General hospital Mankon on Friday June 26th 2020.

As a preventive measure, the school authorities and the regional delegation of public health decided to test all the students and teachers of the school.

According to the release, six other persons were tested positive and immediately taken to the treatment centre at Azam Hotel.

Another test was carried out at Sacred Heart College with five tested positive and taken to the same centre.

Fr.Humphrey Tatah Mbuy said: “The parents of the students tested positive were immediately informed”.

“A good number of people quarantine in Azam Hotel are responding positively”. The archdiocese has warned the “individual” who published what they call unfounded information to henceforth investigate before publishing while calling on the pupolation not to blindly consume anything published on the social media.

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