Bamenda: GCE invigilator abducted by separatist fighters

A video has emerged showing a supposed secondary teacher in captivity in the hands of boys who identify themselves as separatist fighters in the North West region of Cameroon.

The teacher Polycarb Guyem has been accused by the boys for being a traitor by accepting to work on Monday, ghost town day in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

“I was going to GBHS Down Town Bamenda to invigilate computer practicals for GCE exams. I was invited to invigilate but I have not been teaching,” Polycarp says in the video as he is being interrogated by voices believed to be those of separatist fighters.

The invigilator accepts to the boys that he made a mistake to accept the offer to be an invigilator. Despite this, the boys conclude that he will pay with his blood for betraying them.

Polycarp was kidnapped Monday July 20th 2020 in Bamenda in the North West region as he set out to invigilate practical of Cameroon general certificate of education, GCE exams at the GBHS Down Town examination centre .

The Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon has not issued any official statement following the kidnap of the invigilator.

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