Bamenda Taxi Drivers Threaten: “We’ll Go Into The Bushes And Carry Arms If…”

Some taxi drivers in Bamenda have vowed to move into the bushes to join the armed men fighting for the restoration of the independence of a country they call Ambazonia.

The drivers say they are tired with the untold harassment they are subjected to by armed-to-the-teeth security officers whose only interest is to bleed the pockets of taxi drivers.

This is as a result of the fact that there is an increase in the level of military harassment in the city centre of Bamenda and its environs.

“Soldiers put drivers and passengers at gun point to extort money from them. A boy was asked at a checkpoint in Akum to give FCFA 5,000 simply because the military suspected that he is a scammer,” a taxi driver said.

Another told Mimi Mefo info that: “A boy was harassed at Mile Two Nkwen Bamenda due to his dressing style and all they needed from him was money. They harass us and harass our passengers as well. I don’t know why soldiers are the ones controlling traffic, car documents and ID Cards. What is the role of the police? Most bike riders are equally given the same treatment.

“Military men also harass business men around town. They force food sellers and technicians to give them food or money with frightening guns and masks on their faces.”

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