Barrister Agbor Balla expresses dissatisfaction at Major National Dialogue failures

The human rights promoter and founder of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa was one of the main actors during the 2019 Major National Dialogue-MND which was aimed at restoring peace to the two troubled Anglophone regions.

As a major stakeholder during the talks, he hoped the dialogue was going to be a stepping stone for the return to normalcy in the troubled regions but over ten months after the event, he has voiced out his disappointments at the shortcomings of the purported dialogue.

“The current crisis in the North West and the South West Regions of Cameroon has caused unprecedented hardship to the populations. Ten months since the end of the Grand National Dialogue, there is nothing concrete to show in the direction of peace” noted the university lecturer and civil society activist on his official Facebook account.

The GND has yet given birth to a reconstruction plan for the North West and the South West regions among other things but is very slow and has borne little fruits.

There were widespread talks on social media and mainstream media about a ceasefire talk going on between the government and the separatist leaders in jail but these talks have since been squashed by the government as not valid.

This initiative was however welcomed by Agbor Balla as according to him, it was a “clear objective in order to bring the various warring parties to the table in a proposal to seek a negotiated settlement of the on-going war. We need peace”.

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