Binam Voyages Sarl suspended, workers criticise ministerial decision

It is a gloomy Wednesday October 30th 2019 at Binam Voyages Sarl agency in Yaounde today. Workers, bus drivers and other officials of the inter urban transport agency are saddened following a decision suspending the agency for three months.

In a ministerial decision of Tuesday October 29th 2019, the minister of transport suspends Binam Voyages Sarl for three months while the driving licence of a driver called Foko Jean Robert has been withdrawn for five years.

Going by the decision, the minister Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe states that the negligence of the driver led to the attack of passengers by bandits he was transporting from Yaounde to Obala in the centre region of Cameroon on Friday the 25th of October.

According to some drivers of the agency, the law states that loading out of the agency is forbidden but argue that there are certain realities on the field that demand a violation of the law.

The minister restates that loading of passengers and goods takes place only at the agency upon presentation of identification documents and not along the road. The driver Foko Jean Robert is accused of taking unidentified passengers along the road that later attacked passengers in the bus seizing huge sums of money and other valuable things.

Less than twenty four hours after the decision, workers of Binam voyages Sarl say the minister should reconsider his decision given that they have families that depend on their activity for survival.

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