Biya ally asks him to apologise to Anglophones

Resource person to Cameroon’s ruling CPDM party and Chief Executive Officer of the Farmers House, Peter Ngufor has called on President Paul Biya to withdraw the military from Caneroon’s Anglophone regions.

The police, he said, should be brought in to handle issues concerning civilians instead.

According to The Guardian Post newspaper, Peter Ngufor said “the president should apologise and refrain from the use of the word; terrorists”.

To him, ” apologising does not mean you are weak but that you have seen errors and want to correct,” the paper explained.

The Farmer’s House CEO went further to say the President should “grant a general amnesty to those jailed within the context of the Anglophone crisis”. This, he said, will be part of the process to achieving a “New Nation”.

The popular farmer is one of several others to have proposed similar measures for peace to reign in the restive regions.

US congressmen have made similar appeals explaining that an all inclusive and genuine dialogue alone will solve the dispute that has left thousands dead.

Despite all these, President Biya has promised to crush Ambazonian fighters that deny to drop their arms, commending his army for doing their job.

Source: The Guardian Post Newspaper

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