Cameroon: France offers 40 billion FCFA for reconstruction of Anglophone regions

The government of France is fully in support of the reconstruction plan for the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

In an informal discussion with journalists in Douala Thursday June 25th 2020, French ambassador to Cameroon said his country is supporting the project with the sum of 40 billion francs cfa.

Beside this amount, France, has said has already spent 200 million francs cfa for humanitarian assistance in Cameroon since the beginning of the anglophone crisis.

Christophe Guilhou says “the reconstruction of the North West and South West can start in places that are relatively calm.

“All the places there are not insecure.The process will permit the putting in place of income generating activities that will help employ youths fighting in the bushes”.

From this statement, the French ambassador, pundits say has downplayed salient political demands made by the separatist fighters while thinking of a solution that will address unemployment of the young people.

The French ambassador has however acknowledged that French investors in Cameroon have recorded enormous looses since the beginning of the crisis but ironically says he can still advice them to invest in Cameroon.

On the question of what France is doing to assist in resolving the Anglophone crisis, Guilhou mentioned that France has been talking to the government of Cameroon,other countries and the international community on how to solve the problem.

However,France is not talking with separatist leaders.

“We have not been talking with the separatists. If they come to us and explain their problem, we will be there to listen”.

To him, the war for the restoration of Ambazonia statehood will not be resolved militarily.

French ambassador to Cameroon has been received at the unity palace by president Paul Biya three times since the beginning of this year 2020.

To the diplomat, his audiences have been mainly for professional reasons and not to establish the existence of the president of the republic as widely reported in Cameroon.

By saying this, Christophe Guilhou stresses that “…more than 80% of what is written about me in Cameroon is false and it is rather unfortunate”.
He denied any involvement of his country in declarations made by Prof.Maurice Kamto of an eminent unconstitutional transfer of power at the helm of leadership in Cameroon.

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