Cameroon Government Denies Access to Family and Lawyers of Jailed Separatist Leader in Hospital

Days back, the defense team of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other Anglophone detainees complained about the conditions under which their clients were being held.

One of the jailed leaders, Barrister Shufai Blaise they said had been rushed to the Yaounde Military Hospital. On the night of May 19th, the defense team says four prison guards were ordered to chain the Barrister’s two hands to the bed.

Family members they add, were kicked out of the ward for trying to protest against the “brutal” action.

“… we met Shu Fai Esq in a gloomy state as he narrates that he had one the longest painful nights in his lifetime because he slept in chains. That he struggled not to be chained until the drip was dripping out of his veins but the prison guards went ahead to subdue him in chains” the defense team narrates.

The prison superintendent they add “has been pressing hard that Shu Fai Blaise Esq should be discharged back to prison whereas the results of the clinical tests done on him at the Military Hospital are pending in laboratories.”

While the chains have been removed, the inmates’ defense team says the superintendent ordered that his lawyers should not be allowed access to him.

Since their return to Yaounde, the separatist leaders arrested in Nigeria have raised concerns about the conditions under which they are held.

They were sentenced last year by the Yaounde military tribunal.

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