Cameroon Government To Construct Limbe Seaport

The plan of the government of Cameroon to construct a seaport in Limbe filtered out of a cabinet meeting that held at the Star building on Thursday May 24th, 2019.
Presided at by Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, the May 24, cabinet meeting was centered on:
(1) the strategy to reduce the cost of road infrastructure, defended by the minister of public works and
(2) the strategies to ameliorate the services c
offered in the air transport sector, land transport, sea and rail transport sectors.

In his presentation, the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Massina Ngalle Bibehi outlined efforts employed by the ministry to better the services offered in the land, sea, rail and air transport sectors.
Concerning the air transport system, the minister said said the government wants to modernise the Yaoundé Nsimalen and the Douala international airports to meet the norms and standards of the international civil aviation authority and IATA , as well as a project to relaunch the limping Camair-Co.

With regards to road transport, the minister said a technical study has permitted the ministry to offer authorisation to some 150 interurban transport companies to operate in Cameroon. The ministry also looks forward to plan an effective and modern township transport company, as well as professionalizing the township taxi sector.

With regards to the sea or maritime transport sector, Massina Ngalle Bibehe says the government plans to further decongest the Port of Douala by constructing the second deep sea port in Kribi, as well as building the Limbe Seaport. He also announced plans to revamped the the Cameroon shipyard industry, known in French as Chantier Naval.

The Minister of Transport also revealed that plans are on the way to acquire 22 locomotives and 175 wagons for the Cameroon rail transport company Camrail. The construction of a 175 kilometers railway line between Bachanga and Ka’a and the extension of six new rail lines in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala.
Concluding, the Minister of Transport presented the synergy between the land, sea, air and rail transport sectors before handing over to the Prime Minister who demanded him and his colleague of public health to submit a concrete proposal to him on the projections for validation.

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