Cameroon: IT knowledge now indispensable as workers forced to work from home due to coronavirus

The government of Cameroon has not officially called for a total
lockdown of the country to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Despite this, both public and private enterprises are taking
tremendous measures to ensure the safety of their workers at a time when the pandemic is at its peak recording thousands of new
infected cases daily around the world.

“I have asked my workers to stop coming to the office and work from home” Edith Kah Wallah, Chief executive officer (CEO) of
STRATEGIES, a leadership management consulting firm in Douala declares to a local television channel this week.

According to the
entrepreneur, staying at home and consequently avoiding contact with people is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Cameroon.

In a release Friday March 27 the Cameroon Minister of labour and social security, Gregoire Owona said he was on self isolation but working from home. Just like Edith Kah Walla and Gregoire Owona, several other
companies in Cameroon have taken steps aimed at limiting the presence of their workers either in offices or in other public places to reduce the risk of contracting the deadly virus.
As they do so, challenges of working at home abound in

Abdou, a radio technician in Douala says “I am forced to
go work despite fears that I might contract the virus. This is because I don’t have up to date machines and technological knowhow to permit me work from home effectively”.

To him, the outbreak of coronavirus has further exposed the weakness of Cameroon as a
whole in the domain of information communication technology.

Besides, Cameroonians equally decry frequent poor private
internet connection.

This has forced them to get to offices where they can work conveniently with the free internet of their companies.

As the number of coronavirus infected cases rises to over
209, many are fighting to go digital.

Seven Academy, an IT training institute in Douala stands as the best place for digital projects and training.

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