Cameroonians Remember ‘forgoten hero’ Ruben Um Nyobe Today

Today September 13, 2019 makes 61 years after Ruben Um Nyobe, a key figure in the fight for the independence of Cameroon was assassinated. Ruben Um Nyobe was shot at Libelingoi close to Boumnyebel in the Nyong and Kelle Division of the Center region in 1958 by French Soldiers for his role in the right for independence.

The soldiers are said to have dragged his body right on the ground making it hard to recognise, a humiliating sight to behold.

Apart from his political activities, he is also remembered by many for having denounced the Catholic religion that justified and advocated for colonization and slavery in Cameroon like in other colonised countries.

This was exhibited in his opposition to religious fundamentalisms, as well as denunciation of white racism and repressive colonial policies.

Despite all these, Um Nyobe always insisted that there was a need to differentiate “the people of France with the French colonialists”, implying that he didn’t hate the French but their colonialist policies.

Nyobe’s friends archives note called him Mpodol, which means “prophet.” This was as a result of their belief that it was his biblical mandate to lead and speak as a spiritual leader.

Nicknamed the ‘forgoten father’ of Cameroon’s independence, some political actors say they think Um Nyobe and his Co independence fighters’ struggle has not been valorized by the Government. The state they say should consider setting up a deserving place not only for him and other freedom fighters, but also for other national heroes.

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